Italian Society

Italian Society for Angiology and Vascular Medicine


The Italian Society for Angiology and Vascular Medicine  (SIAPAV) is the most important society of vascular medicine in Italy. The name is particularly appropriate because it incorporates the traditional item of "Angiology" to that of "Vascular Medicine" understood as referring to a broad cultural field, not only clinically, but also biological and epidemiological.

The multi and interdisciplinary character of the society is ensured by having reserved in the Executive Council, composed of nine members, one third of the seats to the Vascular Surgeons and other specialists working in the field of Vascular Medicine, and 2/3 of the seats to Angiologists.

The objectives that SIAPAV arise for the coming years are:

  • Reach full awareness of the importance of the Angiologist alongside the vascular surgeon with primary and equal roles;
  • Increase visibility of SIAPAV in the scientific community through collaboration with other scientific societies and associations having affinity of intent;
  • Develop a sense of belonging to a company that deals with holistic approach of vascular disease and proposes and supports clinical methodology as a basis for addressing a vascular diagnostic noninvasive appropriate and sustainable;
  • Improve the organization of society through Staff Units represented by offices operating under the guidance of the National Board;
  • Promote the upgrading and professional quality through discussion and not through self-reference;
  • Promote continuous quality improvement and Voluntary Accreditation;
  • Promote independent research SIAPAV coordinated by the Office for Studies and Research, which develops training and research projects under the guidance of the National Board;
  • Promote research through strategic alliances between hospitals and university structures to better collaborate on research projects, in Italy and abroad;
  • Promote the entry of young people into society with the possibility of their insertion in the various corporate activities;
  • Liaise with institutions in order to promote awareness of the need of vascular medicine unit disease in the non-surgical like the one surgery, and of multidisciplinary centers of vascular medicine;
  • Promote cooperation with the General Practitioner promoting cultural and organizational synergies with the territory;
  • Promote synergies and sharing organizational experiences in the various regions of our country.
Important dates
  • 23-25 Nov2017
    Giornate Nazionali di Angiologia