French Society for Vascular Medicine - Societé Francaise de Médicine Vasculaire


The Société Française de Médecine Vasculaire (S.F.M.V.), is a non-profit-making association, created in 2002 by the merger of the Société d'Angiologie de Langue Française (SALF), (French society of angiology), a scientific society and the Association Française de Formation Continue en Angiologie, (AFFCA), (French association of continuing education in angiology). It currently rounds up the largest number of vascular physicians from the public and private sectors.

The SFMV is dedicated to the development of Vascular Medicine on the scientific, educational and quality of care fronts. Its objectives take on the form of initiatives in different fields including in particular: Publication of the guidelines in force, Training and Continuing Medical Education: the work on Continuing Medical Education (CME) and transfer of vascular medicine knowledge to the other healthcare professionals

ESVM Board member: Patrick Carpentier (Past-President)
Specialty of Vascular Medicine: Alessandra Bura-Rivière
Continuous professional development: Iléana Désormais

French Society for Vascular Medicine overview of contacts (pdf)

Important dates
  • 14 Mar2016
    La médecine vasculaire du futur
  • 3 Oct2014
    Prévention & dépistage
  • 22 Oct2013
    Médecine Vasculaire et Gestion des Risques