The Society is based on country membership. A national society or a working group within a society allow for their members to be part of the ESVM and payment is done through the national society.

See list of membership countries to check your membership status.

Go to members' site to log-in with your email and password.

For your country's society to join, please contact the Board Member in charge of membership: Prof. Patrick Carpentier

It is possible for individuals to become members only in countries where not formal relationship exists with a national society/working group.
The fee for individual membership is €10.00.

For individual membership, please contact the ESVM Administrator: Mrs Sonia Ruggeri

National societies

  • Austria

    Österreichische Gesellschaft für Internistische Angiologie

    Prof. Thomas Gary (Graz)

    Marianne Brodmann (Graz)

  • Belgium

    Belgian Working Group on Angiology

    Muriel Sprynger (Liége)

    Jean-Claude Wautrecht (Bruxelles)

  • Czech Republic

    Ceska Angiologicka Spolecnost


    Debora Karetova (Prague)

    Karel Roztocil (Prague)

  • France

    French Society for Vascular Medicine

    Christine Jurus (Villeurbanne)

    Isabelle Quéré (Montpellier)

  • Germany

    Deutsche Gesellschaft für Angiologie

    Michael Lichtenberg

    Christian Heiss (Dusseldorf)

  • Greece


    Evangelos Dimakakos

    Evangelos Dimakakos

  • Hungary

    Hungarian Society of Angiology and Vascular Medicine

    Zoltán Szeberin (Budapest)

    Zsolt Pecsvárady (Budapest)

  • Ireland

    Vascular Medicine Section of the Royal College of Surgeons


    President: Caitriona Canning (Dublin)

    Caitriona Canning (Dublin)

  • Italy

    Società Italiana di Angiologia e Patologia Vascolare

    Guido Arpaia (Carate Brianza)

    Adriana Visonà (Castelfranco Veneto)

  • Poland


    Piotr Terlecki

    Agata Stanek

  • Romania

    Societatea Româna de Angiologie

    Adrian Molnar

    Dan Olinic

  • Serbia

    Serbian Society of Angiology


    Dragan Vasic (Belgrade)

    Dragan Vasic (Belgrade)

  • Slovakia

    Slovak Society of Angiology

    Juraj Madaric (Bratislava)

    Juraj Madaric (Bratislava)

  • Slovenia

    Slovenian Society of Vascular Diseases


    Prof. Matija Kozak (Ljubljana)

    Vinko Boc (Ljubljana)

  • Spain


    Manuel Monreal

    Board Member: Manuel Monreal

  • Sweden

    Swedish Society for Hypertension, Stroke and Vascular Medicine

    Ander Gottsater (Lund)

    Ander Gottsater (Lund)

  • Switzerland

    Lucia Mazzolai (Lausanne)

  • Ukraine

    Ukraine Society of Angiology and Vascular Medicine


    Ali Chraim (Lviv)

    Board Member: Ali Chrain (Lviv)

  • United Kingdom

    Vascular Medicine Section of the Royal Society of Medicine

    Jill Belch (Dundee)

    Jill Belch (Dundee))