Other Committees

Specialty of vascular medicine: Mariella Catalano, Dan Olinic

Continuous professional development: Karel Rotzocil, Jean Claude Wauthrecht

New members countries: Patrick Carpentier

Awareness committee: Jill Belch, Lucia Mazzolai

Basic science, clinical trials and registries: Jill Belch, Joel Constans

Young members forum: Christoph Thalhammer, Peter Klein-Weigel

Congress programme committee: Marianne Brodmann, Karel Rotzocil, Adriana Visonà, Zsolt Pecsvarady, Christian Heiss

Working group on constitution and bylaws: Patrick Carpentier, Mary Paula Colgan

Working group on training program: Sigrid Nikol, Lubomir Spak

Relationship with other societies: Pavel Poredos, Jan Pitha

PAD guidelines: Ulrich Frank, Sigrid Nikol

Raynaud guidelines: Jill Belch, Patrick Carpentier

Integrated care Pathways: Adriana Visonà