The European Society of Vascular Medicine (or angiology, medical angiology, internist angiology, as it is also called in several European countries) deals with Vascular Diseases (arterial, venous, lymphatic and microcirculatory diseases) and focuses on prevention, diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation as well as research and education, to benefit patients and the general population.

Our Mission Statement

  1. To optimise the vascular health of the populations of member countries and beyond
  2. To promote scientific exchange, education, cooperative research, and evidence-based high-quality practice in the field of Vascular Medicine/Angiology.
  3. To strengthen the links between the National Societies of Vascular Medicine/Angiology in Europe, and to encourage the creation of National Societies where they do not yet exist.
  4. To promote the specialty of Vascular Medicine/Angiology in Europe through the above-mentioned actions, and by interacting with other relevant specialties and with European authorities.


The European Society of Vascular Medicine (ESVM) is composed of Society Members, which are the National Societies of Vascular Medicine/Angiology from European Countries. This website gives you the information about our actions for the promotion of scientific exchanges, education, cooperative research and quality patient care in the field of arterial, venous, lymphatic and microvascular diseases.

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